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The Foundation takes the spirit of hospice care gloriously beyond the limits of what Medicaid and insurance-funded hospice care can do. Harnessing the donations and volunteer efforts of our communities, the Foundation addresses financial hardship, bucket lists and final wishes, and the deepest needs of families to commemorate those they love.


Butterfly Release

Our Foundation hosts an annual Butterfly Release and Celebration of Life at each of our hospice locations. This annual healing celebration allows anyone in our community – whether they have used hospice services or not – to join with others to commemorate a loss. Please contact your local hospice office for details.


Joyful Hearts

Our Joyful Hearts program fulfills special wishes, such as a plane ticket for a faraway family member who otherwise could not visit, or a teddy bear or quilt made from a patient’s clothes for the family to keep. It funds celebrations for special occasions such as birthday parties and holiday meals where a family is unable to do so. As part of Joyful Hearts, the Foundation invites our nurses, aides, social workers and chaplains to become “Agents of Joy” – delivering a favorite milkshake, a new pair of fuzzy socks or a spiritual token to spread smiles to patients. By supporting our Foundation, our community empowers us to fulfill the wishes and dream of our patients and caregivers, bringing joy beyond what Medicare or insurance can pay for.

Good Neighbor

Our Good Neighbor program fulfills unmet basic needs not covered by the hospice benefit. This might include basic home repairs or cleaning, pest control, utility bills that a family is struggling to pay, often as a result of the patient’s illness or the caregiver’s inability to work. This important work helps to bring comfort and peace to a patient or family when it is most needed.

Grandpa walking

Become a Volunteer

Hospice volunteers are everyday heroes – these are the people who bring the gift of companionship to our patients. By doing a puzzle with a patient, watching tv together, listening to their stories, going through photo albums together, or bringing a patient his or her favorite milkshake – patient care volunteers infuse hospice care with freely-given companionship and joy. This kind of love has the power to change lives.


Latest News

August 26, 2020by hospice

Crystal Muench works every week to arrange the floral donations from our community partner, Trader Joes, into beautiful flower arrangements for our patients. What drew you to hospice volunteering? My childhood best friend’s daughter died of a rare type of brain cancer at the age of five. During this, I was exposed to the work […]

March 26, 2020by hospice

Klamath Falls, Oreogon Hi Everyone, Yesterday morning as I drove through an empty downtown Klamath Falls-void of people and cars alike—giant snowflakes fell from the sky and gently fell across the empty streets, and for a moment it was like I was in some dystopian movie, half expecting a helicopter to land and guys in […]

December 26, 2019by hospice

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Oregon Tech students work to comfort hospice patients. Students in the Bio-Health Sciences Club has been making blankets for High Desert Hospice for several years. Student Marissa McGinnis is a member of the club. “This year we wanted to make it bigger and better than all the rest of the years.” The […]

Art Gifts

The Foundation funds an “art gifts” program, whereby we engage with local artists to produce bespoke pieces of artwork for our care teams to gift our patients and families. Our art gifts incorporate local craft traditions, and support small local businesses. We are passionate about this program, which builds beautiful connections between artists, our team members and the families we serve, and gives those families important mementos of their loved ones.


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