Letter from our President,
Eadaoin Waller

To our friends, families and donors,

Thank you for your interest in the Heart of Hospice Foundation. I am so happy you found us and are interested in learning more about our Foundation and the way we impact our communities. The Heart of Hospice Foundation was established to provide support to hospice patients and families outside the normal scope of the hospice benefit. We do this work through a handful of programs that all have the same goal: increasing the quality of life for those we serve.

Our goal is to help our patients live their lives to the fullest, right up to the final moment.

The Foundation works with our hospice staff as well as volunteers from our communities to provide authentic joyful moments for our patients and their loved ones. Nothing brings our hospice staff and Foundation volunteers greater satisfaction than seeing these moments brought to life. The Foundation brings joy through simple efforts – such as empowering a Hospice nurse to take a patient their favorite muffin or coffee drink each week – and the more complex – such as arranging a flight across the country in a matter of hours so that a loved one might have a final goodbye.

The work of our Foundation is very close to my heart and something that enriches my life in countless ways. This work is made possible by thoughtful community donors, such as yourself. Your donations create miracles, which impact the lives of many.

From everyone at the Heart of Hospice Foundation, thank you. Thank you for believing in this important work we do and continuing to support our mission of providing a fuller, more joyful Hospice experience to our patients and families by providing emotional and financial support where needed. Our Foundation continues to better our communities because of the support and donations you provide. You are all a part of our Foundation.

Eadaoin Waller

2019 Inspiring Hospice Foundation